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: So back to our example; we now have a value entry in the market, all be it for one tick. It requires at least a couple of hundred bets to give success. The Renegades main strength is that it goes through all kinds of markets. Developing something that monitors 2-4 online bookies to do the best arbitrage at this stage i don't know if either possible. Obviously this is just to illustrate the point, but its a key point to any Betfair strategy. All for a very affordable price. Such a price represents an exceptional value for inexperienced Betfair traders. Any experience of other systems on betfair etc?

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If theyre in a real panic and on a larger stake (weve all been there) they may momentarily move the price that bit more as they scramble to exit. You should constantly follow whats going on and make the correct decisions. How likely it can happen? It looks like a quick shot up or down. Often the ones that are not so popular are where the value lies. Once you place them, the high volume on Betfair means they will be matched within a couple of hours. Also of course if it is a draw you get your stake back. By the way there are many bots like Bet angle and others mentioned on Betfair website Here is another one I am trying to see if it can be borrowed from Horse racing "Laying" Bet to loose concept May people try and see if they.

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