order book wall forex

display of size as a way to force people to sell into their bids. Also, some exchanges use BUY and sell orders instead of bids and asks. In that case, the buy and sell order match and you will buy ethereum right away. While the risk might be low in the short term, over time the risk increases until it becomes an inevitability. So Long term sell wall real willingness to sell. Simply because there are no previous acheter crypto monnaie santiments buy orders in the order book. In this example, the total sum of all the buy orders in the first page of the order book represents a total.2892 BTC.

This layout places the BID and asks next to each other so its easy to compare the prices. It is not in a whale's best interest, for example, to allow a currency to climb in price above a particular level until they have accumulated as much of that currency as possible. Most of the time, they will never be forex armée avatrade filled. The total of the amount times the price. It all depends on the bids and asks from both parties.